Welcome to KoLaci Cavaliers.  We are now located in Northern Arizona.We appreciate your visiting our site and seeing some of our beautiful dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are the largest of the "toy" breed.  There are elegent, energetic dogs that have sweet, gentle natures.  Our goal at KoLaci Cavaliers is always to breed dogs with that sweet, gentle temperment along with optimal health and structure.  

Holly is starting off her show career with a bang!! Back to back WB!

These ladies are my lifeline!  From left to right Amy Cromer (Pairadocs Cavaliers), Me, Mom, Angela Schuller (Fairhaven Cavaliers) & Stephanie Deaver

Our Annual KoLaci Puppy Party 2019!  We had a great day with our extended families

Sweet's one and only litter were all in attendance!